Preparing hearts and minds for lives of leadership, service, and excellence.

Philosophy & Goals

St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School, in partnership with parents and the parish community, believes in providing quality Catholic Christian education of the whole child within an environment which fosters a positive self-image. The following goals specify the implementation of this philosophy:


  1. To develop a personal faith relationship with God and Jesus based on Catholic teachings and traditions, fostered through prayer and worship.
  2. To encourage and provide opportunities for service to others.


  1. To develop an academic base that will promote success in future endeavors.
  2. To teach fundamental thought processes including logic, decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.
  3. To identify creativity and to encourage and help in its expression.


  1. To nurture an awareness of personal worth by developing strengths and compensating for weaknesses.
  2. To provide an environment that models a Christian value system.
  3. To help develop a sense of partnership with, and respect for, other individuals, the community, and the environment.


  1. To develop basic flexibility, strength, endurance, and skills.
  2. To teach the value of personal hygiene, good nutrition, and exercise.
  3. To motivate each child to respect his/her body and care for it responsibly.