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Middle School (6-8)

6th Grade Curriculum Guide for Parents
7th Grade Curriculum Guide for Parents
8th Grade Curriculum Guide for Parents


Characteristics of Middle School Students
  • are young teens entering or about to enter puberty
  • experience physical growth that can vary greatly from child to child
  • have more developed abstract reasoning
  • are developing a capacity for critical reflection
  • have an increased attention span
  • have great diversity of ability as new skills develop
  • experience a stronger sense of peer influence
  • still retain respect for parents and other adults
  • find it very important that they are accepted for the unique persons they are
  • have an increased conscience formation
  • seek freedom, but still need structure
  • challenge and question beliefs and norms of the community
  • are able to be more reflective of themselves and their experiences
  • place importance on faith tradition as an anchor and support when everything else is in flux
  • need their questions welcomed, and need to be encouraged in their self-expression