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Kindergarten (K4-K5)

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Characteristics of a K4 - K5 Student
  • vary greatly in height and weight
  • have increased motor activity; may appear restless even when seated
  • have a short attention span
  • coordination is not yet fully developed
  • fine motor skills continue to develop; cutting is a skill that still needs practice
  • reading skills are emerging
  • enjoy boisterous play
  • enjoy dress-up, fantasy stories, and puppet plays
  • show-and-tell is often a favorite activity
  • typically get along well with all classmates
  • begin to understand rules, the concepts of winning and losing, and working together
  • have difficulty losing; often will walk away from a team game and pout when losing; often view the teacher as always right
  • often play best with friends in pairs rather than in large groups

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