Many Parts, One Body Capital Campaign


September 2019 

Many Parts, One Body Building Project & Financial Update 

by John Borgen

By just about every possible metric, the Many Parts, One Body Building Project and Capital Campaign were a tremendous success.  Here are some quick facts about the new facility, the project budget and the capital campaign:

  • 40,181 of new space for the benefit and use of all ministries of St. Gabriel
  • 4,274 of renovated and expanded office space
  • $7.3 million project budget which came in about $280,000, or 3.8% under budget
  • $3.9 million received in contributions from 575 families
  • 96% of pledges have been fulfilled and the donors who represent the remaining 4% (about $100,000) are continuing to make payments or will be sent reminders

This was all made possible thanks to your generosity, faith and God’s grace…thank you!

We are now at the point where we need to begin our debt retirement campaign.  This was always a part of our plan; just like when we built the church in 2005 and embarked on three capital campaigns over nine years to pay for the church. 

In the weeks and months ahead, we will be reaching out to all parishioners asking for your continued support to pay for our facility.  Like we said before, if we all do our part, according to our ability, we will be tremendously successful. 

The capital campaign goal is $2.4 million, and the stretch goal is $3.3 million.  Why the two goals?  Because we will owe the bank $3.2 million in principal plus interest if we take six years to pay our debt.  If we can pay the debt in less time, we will pay less in interest.  Any money raised above and beyond what is necessary to repay our debt will be split 50/50 between a deferred maintenance fund and our endowment.

Please prayerfully consider your financial commitment to make disciples and strengthen families for the benefit of generations current and yet to come!  And, watch the Bulletin and Messenger for more updates.


 January 2019

We have moved in!


Advent 2018

It's almost time! The parish has a move-in date for the new education center. The timeline is as follows:

January 21 - No school for students. The parish office will move back into their work spaces.

January 22 & 23 - No school for students. The school will move from the old school to the new education center.

January 24 & 25 - No school for students. Two days to set up the education center school offices, classrooms, IT,  library, kitchen, pantries, and janitorial areas.

January 28 - First day of school in the education center!

February 3 - Catholic Schools Week pancake breakfast

March 3 - Education center open house with Bishop Sherman - All are welcome to attend!


Easter 2018 Update

Following the unanimous recommendation of the Pastoral & Finance Councils, representatives of the parish will join Fr. Tim at a meeting with the Building Commission of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee on Thursday, April 12 to seek permission from the Archbishop to begin construction on our facility expansion. This is the fourth and final approval required by the Archdiocese.

If we receive approval from the Archdiocese, we plan to begin construction in mid-April 2018 and complete construction in late December 2018. Announcements about a ground-breaking ceremony will be forthcoming pending the Archdiocese’s decision. Stay tuned to the bulletin, Messenger and announcements at Mass for updates.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project!

If you have yet to make a commitment, we ask that you prayerfully consider making your commitment to the Many Parts, One Body Campaign today. You can pledge your support and make monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments. Or, you can support the project with a one-time gift. Every dollar donated today will reduce the amount of money that we borrow, save us interest costs, and reduce the size of future campaigns. Will you join us and support the Many Parts, One Body campaign for Saint Gabriel?

October 16, 2017 - Building Project Update

We continue to move forward with the next steps of our building project while the capital campaign for the project is still underway. 

We have done so because of a desire to remain on schedule to start construction in spring 2018. The Building Committee is working with our construction manager to identify and receive pricing for various   elements of the project in order to develop a cost estimate and start the formation of the construction team. 

If you are interested in providing services or materials for the project, please email your inquiry to:  [email protected]  Please include your contact information and a description of the services or materials you are interested in providing.  Because of the nature of this project, those working on the construction site will need to be an organized business with current insurance coverage.  We will identify you to the construction manager so that you can be provided information about how you can help.  Please pray for the success of our capital campaign and guidance from the Holy Spirit about your personal support of it with your time, talent and treasure.

The Building Committee met with the project’s architect on June 29th to review three building plan concepts based on our programming input.  From these concepts the Building Committee will be giving the architect direction to proceed with a schematic design in July to refine the layout.  The schematic design and design development will continue through the summer and into the early fall.  Please pray for the success of our capital campaign and guidance from the Holy Spirit about your personal support of it with your time, talent and treasure.

While the capital campaign for the church addition project is still underway, we have recently started the first steps of the design process for our building addition.  We have done so because of a desire to be on a schedule to start construction in spring ’18.  Plunkett Raysich Architects was selected as our project architect and CD Smith Construction as our construction manager following a rigorous proposal and interview process last fall.  More recently we have initiated the process of reaffirming our space needs in the programming phase gaining input using questionnaires completed by many ministries and also with small group interviews.  The programming, schematic design and design development will continue through the summer and into the early fall.  Please pray for the success of our capital campaign and guidance from the Holy Spirit about your personal support of it with your time, talent and treasure.

Our Capital Campaign Kick-Off Event on September 18, 2016 was a huge success, and very well attended. What a great way to celebrate the beginning of this exciting new chapter in the life of our parish!  Over 400 St. Gabriel Parish members attended and received the good news that our St. Gabriel Parish's "Many Parts One Body" Capital Campaign received a $1,000,000 matching grant!  

Click here to see Photos of our Campaign Kick-Off Event

St. Gabriel Parish is currently exploring the feasibility of building an education center at the St. Gabriel Parish Church site, which was contemplated when the St. Gabriel church project was started. The vision for the education center is to provide the facilities needed to enhance our vibrant parish community. The needs of the Parish ministries, day school, religious education programs, administration and the Parish community are being studied. Phase I was the combining of three parishes (St. Columba, St. Mary and St. Hubert's) at one church site, St. Gabriel. Construction of the new St. Gabriel Parish Church was completed in 2004. In 2011, the mortgage for Phase I was fulfilled and Phase II became the focus of attention. The feasibility study committee is planning to make its recommendations on how to proceed with Phase II to the parishioners in summer 2016.