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Technology is utilized in the classroom and lab setting as a tool to enrich the curriculum in the classroom. Keyboarding skills, ethical use of technology and the internet, and general computer skills are taught, with a goal of integrating those skills into the learning process of the student. 

Some exciting news for the 2021-2022 school year … St. Gabriel Parish made a significant investment in the following technology to enhance and benefit our St. Gabriel Parish School students’ learning experience:

  • New student chrome books for grades 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
  • New student tablets for grades 1
  • New classroom tablets for grades K4 & K5
  • New teacher tablets for all our teachers
  • Doc cams for the smart boards
  • Monitors for our teachers’ desks

We were able to make these investments in our school technology due to some unexpected donations the parish received this past fiscal year.  St. Gabriel Parish is so very blessed with the generosity and trust placed in us by our parishioners’ and donors’ shared gifts … we are humbled in gratitude.

As a commitment to the longevity of these investments, we implemented a new “Technology Replacement Program”.  Going forward, our students will be receiving new Chrome Books in second and sixth grade and the tablets in grades K4, K5 and first grade will be replaced every 3 years.  Our teaching Chrome Books will also be replaced every three years.

We are very excited about this aggressive commitment to our student's education at St. Gabriel Parish School.

The “technology fee” has been replaced with the “Technology Replacement Program” invoice.  This is an annual amount of $75.00 per student.  Your student receives the following:

  • Tablets to use in grades K4, K5, and first. These tablets will be replaced every three years and are not sent home with our early learners.
  • A new Chrome Book in second grade to use through fifth grade.
  • A new Chrome Book in sixth grade to use through eighth grade.
  • Chrome Bookcase.
  • Mouse for each new chrome book.
  • Securly Filter software on all technology equipment.
  • Chrome Book and tablet maintenance with loaner replacements
  • At the end of fifth and eighth grade … your child’s chrome book is yours to keep.