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School Advisory Committee

Our School Advisory Committee team is a representative parent group of the entire school, from K4 through 8th grade, including the Principal and a representative from the Parish Council.

As our primary focus, the School Advisory Committee supports school-related processes and policies to advance overall enrollment and retention while supporting the Principal, Teachers, and Staff of St. Gabriel's award-winning programs and curriculum.  The School Advisory Committee also oversees some of our school fundraising activities including, but not limited to, the Catholic Education Walk, the annual Open House, Spirit Wear Sales, Pizza Sale, and Spring Flower Power Sale.

We also support the annual Parish and School Auction as well as assist the school in finding key committee members to continue the many efforts that support the school - both through spiritual community and financial stability projects.

There are many exciting ways for you to get involved with the St. Gabriel Parish School Advisory Committee and meet some wonderful, dedicated people. Sometimes taking the focus off of yourself and refocusing on something bigger can positively affect our emotions. Catholic education is something near and dear to many of our hearts. Volunteer with the School Commission to pay it forward to the future generations of Catholics, learning and growing their faith from our amazing teachers every day.

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The 2023-24 St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School Advisory Committee members are:

Kim Lestina – Principal

  • Chair - Matt Marcellis 
  • Vice-Chair - Katie Mancuso
  • Secretary - Heidi Sutrick
  • Kristi Brooks
  • Jessica Ditscheit
  • Tricia Gettelman
  • Jeffrey Packee
  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • Ryan Lee - Parish Council Liaison

Due to issues of confidentiality, School Advisory Committee minutes are available in the school office upon request.

NOTE - These meetings are for committee members only unless you and your committee have been invited.  If you would like to make a comment, offer a suggestion, or have a concern, please reach out to one of the committee members above.  Please use DIRECTORY SPOT for contact info.


Meeting ID: 870 8601 3618 - Passcode: 7Lj97R