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A vital premise underlying our mission is that every child has strengths, talents, and interests to be encouraged and developed. Equally important is our commitment to an educational approach that nurtures all developmental needs in an environment of academic excellence, moral values, respect, and safety. St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School provides that environment, treating each child as a special gift that will flourish with individual care and attention.



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Mrs. Lestina Mrs. Fassbender
Mrs. Lestina, Principal Mrs. Fassbender, School Secretary
Mrs. Skobow Mrs. Piotrowski

4-year-old Kindergarten Teacher 

Mrs. Skowbo

5-year-old Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Piotrowski

Miss Littel Miss Davit

      1st Grade Teacher    

Miss Littel

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Schmidt 

Miss Rappis Mrs. McAleer

3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Lucy Rappis

4th Grade Teacher

 Mrs. Beth McAleer

Mrs. Burns Mrs. Jungwirth

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Burns

Middle School Teacher

English and Literature

Mrs. Jungwirth

Mrs. Erdmann

Middle School Teacher and

After-School Learning Director

Social Studies and Religion

Mrs. Erdmann

Middle School Teacher

Math and Religion Assistant

Sr. Therese Marie Yank 

Mrs. Wasserman Mrs. Duerst

Art and Middle School Science Teacher

Grades 5K-8

Mrs. Wasserman

Music and Spanish Teacher

Music - All Grades and Spanish - Grades 5-8

Mrs. Duerst

Mrs. Schulteis

Mrs. Weyer

Physical Education and Health

All Grades

Mrs. Schulteis

Lunch Director

Mrs. Weyer

Mrs. Kohls

Image Coming Soon

Mrs. Kohls

RtI Teacher

Mrs. Collins

4K Aide

Mrs. Schneider

After school care learning

Mrs. Schneider

4K Aide

Mrs. Ditscheit

After Schoool Learning Program

(ASLP) Teacher


Nikki Packee


Mrs. Packee

Marketing and Media Administrator