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School Closings

Inclement Weather / School Closing 

We understand that our decision to open or close in bad weather has a significant effect on families.  We also understand that our students are better served both academically and socially, by being in school.  However, our top priority is the safety of our students. 

With that being said, we understand that you know what is best for your child.  If you believe your child would be safer at home in poor weather conditions, your young learner's absence will be marked as excused.  In addition, if you are uncomfortable with the weather conditions throughout a poor weather day, we would encourage you to act upon that belief, communicate with your school's principal, and make the necessary arrangements to pick up your child.


The following information is considered in all decisions relative to closing St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School due to inclement weather. 

  1. Information from state, county, and city officials focused on road conditions, along with both the short and long-term weather forecasts.
  2. Information from our bus transportation providers including their individual recommendations focused on sending the buses out on the roads.
  3. A conversation with our plowing contractor to ensure the parking lots can be open for parking both during the opening and closing of the school day. 


Area superintendents and principals work collaboratively to make a joint decision to open or close school in bad weather.  Ultimately, considering the information above, the decision also includes the following important factors:

  1. Temperature, including wind chill factor.
  2. Wind velocity impacting the blowing and drifting of snow.
  3. Buses running routes on a slower pace having an impact on the length of time students may be waiting at bus stops.
  4. Parents/guardians driving their sons/daughters to school in poor driving conditions and high school age students with little experience driving to school.
  5. Number of inches of projected snowfall.

Please note that St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School typically will not implement late starts or early dismissals due to inclement weather.  Through past experience, area schools have learned that coordinating an alternate time for school-provided transportation to drop off/pick up is not possible due to a lack of available bus drivers.  In addition, an early dismissal introduces the risk of sending a young student home to an empty house.  We believe that knowing students are inside, safe, warm, and learning is a better choice than unintentionally sending students home to an empty house.

To acquire up-to-date school closing information, please utilize the following television and radio resources and review our homepage at:

We utilize Bright Arrow Technologies for emergency communications we may need to send to parents via text and phone call.  Please contact the school office to make sure your contact information is up to date.