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Dress Code


At St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School, we dress with neatness and modesty. Since apparel changes over time and from culture to culture, the dress code is reviewed annually by the School Committee which consists of teachers, parents, and administration. We believe that school is a formal learning setting. We believe that attire DOES both influence and reflect school behavior and learning. We expect students of St Gabriel Catholic School should be dressed in proper attire. 



2022-2023 Dress Code Policy


  • Red or white polo, long- or short-sleeved, no logo required.
  • Polos must be tucked in during Mass.



  • Khaki or navy slacks
    • Twill or woven fabric (no knit fabrics)
  • Khaki or navy twill skirts or jumpers (no knit fabrics)
    • Hems should be two inches above the knee or longer. 

Note: Girls may wear khaki or navy twill shorts or capri pants (no knit fabrics) before October 15 and after April 15. 


  • Khaki or navy slacks
    • Twill or woven fabric (no knit fabrics)

Note: Boys may wear khaki or navy twill shorts (no knit fabrics) before October 15 and after April 15. 


  • Secure footwear is important for student safety during active learning throughout the school day.
  • All shoes must have a ‘back,’ not just a strap around the ankle.
  • Students may wear athletic shoes or non-athletic shoes. If choosing a non-athletic shoe, the shoe should have a sturdy sole, closed-toe, and low or flat heel for safety. (Note: Athletic shoes will still be needed for PE classes.)


  • Socks must be worn with footwear.

Optional Dress Code  Items 

  • Solid navy, red, or white sweater vests, cardigans, or pullovers may be worn (no logo required) 
  • Solid red or solid white turtlenecks
  • Girls may wear a red polo dress (no logo required).
  • Girls may wear solid navy, white, or black leggings/tights with dress code skirts or jumpers.
  • Belts are recommended and must be plain brown, black, or navy.
  • St. Gabriel Spirit wear may be worn over a red, or white polo or turtleneck top.

General Appearance

  • Clothing should be neat, clean, in good repair, and of appropriate size and length. No clothing should show undergarments, lower back, midriff, etc. 
  • Hair should be clean and worn in an appropriate hairstyle.  No unnatural colors (ie. pink, blue etc.).
  • Mustaches, beards, and goatees are unacceptable. 
  • Excessive make-up is not to be worn. 
  • Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings may not present a safety hazard or be inappropriate. Earrings are acceptable for girls only.
  • No body piercing, tattoos, or body drawings are allowed.

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