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Primary Grades (1-3)

1st Grade Curriculum Guide for Parents
Characteristics of a First Grade Student
  • increased motor activity, may appear restless even when seated
  • enjoy boisterous play, coordination is not yet fully developed
  • enjoy manipulating things, but may be awkward in small motor skills
  • may be easily distracted by things in the environment
  • learn best through touch, exploration, and movement
  • display increased ability to sequence things in time and enjoy learning about the past
  • enjoy learning about people and places far away
  • reading skills are emerging
  • may have difficulty waiting for a turn, like to be first
  • often view the teacher as always right
  • often play best with friends in pairs rather than in groups of three or more
  • friendships may be stormy and competitive
  • prayer comes naturally, enjoy ceremony and ritual
  • interpret Bible and other stories literally and cannot derive spiritual meaning
  • are comfortable with formal and spontaneous prayer
  • awareness of Church is limited to their experience at home and parish
  • imagine God as a human person

2nd Grade Curriculum Guide for Parents
Characteristics of a Second Grade Student
  • are still dependent on teachers and adults but are becoming more independent
  • need a variety of different activities
  • learn best when involved in activity with real objects and experiences
  • need a lot of reminders
  • need to experience success at simple tasks
  • need acceptance of their feelings of joy, fear, sadness, and anger
  • need to be encouraged to share
  • are beginning to make moral decisions
  • attention span is no more than seven minutes
  • family is very important and a source of pride
  • emotionally involved with their teacher and want very much to be liked by him or her
  • enjoy hearing stories from the Bible
  • enjoy ceremony and ritual action such as processions, liturgical gestures and blessings
  • are comfortable with formal and spontaneous prayer
  • imagine God as a human person

3rd Grade Curriculum Guide for Parents
Characteristics of a Third Grade Student
  • show a high level of energy and willingness to tackle almost anything
  • tend to be less cautious than younger children
  • begin to act more responsibly
  • begin to judge situations and consider what can happen to him/her
  • have a deepening understanding of forgiveness and healing
  • develop ability to feel empathy and compassion
  • display enormous curiosity
  • show increased self-confidence
  • develop close friendships
  • look forward to school for social and academic reasons
  • want to belong to a group
  • like to read and write for pleasure and entertainment
  • need supportive reinforcement from parents and other adults
  • experience family rituals and activities
  • acquire computer skills and a developing understanding of technology
  • enjoy video games and other electronic entertainment