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  • St. Gabriel School Alumni

Our family loves the parish and our children love the school. The school was great before the move as the teachers truly care about each and every student; but now that we are in the new building, it is truly amazing. The new principal makes sure that our Catholic Identity is reflected in all that we do. The small class size allows individual attention for all students. Our children will definitely be well prepared for high school based on our current experience at St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School.

  • St. Gabriel School Parishioner & Parent

This is our 9th year at St. Gabriel School. My son began in the fantastic K5 class and graduates from 8th grade this year fully prepared for high school from an academic and social standpoint. My daughter began in the awesome K4 program and will enter 7th grade in fall, also growing academically and socially. St. Gabriel School is more than just a school, it’s an extended family of experienced, caring, unselfish teachers, other faculty and a new Principal (as of last year) who has “been there, done that” using her experience, level-head and nurturing qualities to make this school the number one choice for children and families in the area. You MUST see it for yourself. Call to make arrangements.

  • Parent of 6th & 8th grade students

St. Gabriel school community is outstanding. The class sizes are small, but they still have many programs available to enhance the student's education. The teachers/staff go above and beyond to help teach and care for the children. The older kids mentor the younger kids, and all of the kids in the school interact together.  I would definitely recommend St Gabe's, my children love our school.

  • Parent of 2nd, 5th & 8th grade students

St. Gabriel School has been a real benefit to my child and my family the past three years. Why? First of all, my son who currently sits in 5th grade has excelled in the classroom as a student and is beginning his personal relationship with God. The leadership and teaching staff is very strong and provide students the opportunity to succeed. Our teaching staff is professional and compassionate. Due to the wonderful community at St. Gabriel’s school, my family has new strong meaningful relationships with many families. Sending your child/children to St. Gabriel’s school can not only change your child’s life but your families as well.

  • Parent of a 5th grade student

Very pleased with the K4 program here at St. Gabriel! Our daughter has learned so much and the entire school staff is great. It is a very safe, nurturing learning environment and we’ve had nothing but a positive experience here. Highly recommend!

  • Parent of a 4K student

What can I say about this school and staff that has not already been talked about. We were new to the school this year and have heard about the community atmosphere at St. Gabriel's. From the first day not only did we feel welcomed, but our kids were made to feel as if they have been at the school since kindergarten. Big beautiful rooms does not do the justice of what happens inside these rooms. The teachers ensure they are working with all the kids and teaching lesson plans in different learning styles. This has been extremely successful for my children as it exposes them to the same content but in different ways. The after-school activities are wonderful with a wide variety to choose from. My children have an opportunity to play sports, do forensics or take part in Destination Imagination (DI) and this is only a sampling of extracurricular activities. Father Tim has continually increased the spirituality of my family and brought us all closer to God. Watching my children lead a Mass with their class is extremely special and heartwarming. We could not be happier to of found not only a wonderful school but an extended family that helps us to grow.

  • Parent of 3rd & 4th grade students

Since transferring to St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School two years ago, my children have excelled educationally and socially. The school strongly promotes their Catholic Identity, it is evident in the way that everyone at the school from teachers and staff to students treat each other. A strong faith and a strong education - a perfect combination.

  • Parent of 4th & 6th grade students

Such an amazing faith community that welcomes you in with open arms and wants you to be involved. Our children truly believe they are at the best school ever. They love and care about their classmates and teachers and are proud of their Faith.

  • Parent of  K5 & 3rd grade students

The parish and school staff are very friendly and welcoming. The school focuses as much on faith, service, family, and community as it does on education. Our children are well prepared for high school when they graduate due in large part to our caring and dedicated teachers.

  • Parent of 3rd & 6th grade students

Even though we are over a month into remote learning, I continue to hear from other parents on how incredible it is that our remote learning has so much structure.  Our children are blessed beyond measure to have access to technology for learning and teachers that have gone above and beyond to keep rigor with schedules and connectedness with classmates all while being parents of students themselves.

  • Parent of 7th & 8th grade students