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Staff Member: Mr. Zaffiro

Staff Member: Mr. Zaffiro

Mr. Zaffiro

All Grades - Music Education
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Teacher-Performer. I have always been one or the other and both during my music career. My love of music began at home as my mother played the piano and listened to all kinds of music from opera to jazz and blues. I began to play the guitar in the 6th grade and was in my first band by 8th grade. I played in various bands through high school and after. I enrolled in the first Jazz degree program in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. I continued to perform in various ensembles and began teaching at the Conservatory. Later I pursued my goal to get my Music Education Degree at UW-Milwaukee.

My classroom teaching began at several Milwaukee Public Schools and then several Catholic Schools in the area. I love teaching children music as I see it as a way for them to express themselves in creative ways. I find the students at St. Gabriel’s to be polite, kind and respectful and it is a privilege to be their music teacher.

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