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Staff Member: Mrs. Wasserman

Staff Member: Mrs. Wasserman

Mrs. Wasserman

All Grades - Art
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Art is a process of expression, keen observation, problem solving and experimentation. It is unlike any other school subject in that there aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers and it allows conventional rules to be broken through thinking outside the box. My passion lies with elementary and middle school students, as I enjoy their energy, wonder and boundless creativity. My favorite part of teaching is seeing that “special sparkle” in their eyes when they create something they are proud of! It is so rewarding when a student realizes their creative and artistic potential.

Through art class I hope to nurture and inspire their creativity, challenge them to use their talents to express themselves and their beliefs through art, and instill in them a love and appreciation for art and creation that lasts their lifetime. Art is not just about the finished piece. The journey a student experiences when creating art is what truly matters, and makes art that much more vital to a well-rounded education.

As a parish member since 2003, I have come to know the generosity and kindness of this faith community. To be teaching in a school with such a talented staff, supportive parents and great students who want to learn is truly a dream come true for me. I am familiar with the exceptional education students receive at Catholic schools since I have had the pleasure of going to Catholic schools for the whole duration of my academic career.

I attended St. Mary's Grade School and Catholic Central High School in Burlington. I went on to college at Cardinal Stritch University where I received a B.F.A. and then continued on for an extra 2 years to get my Art Education Certification for grades K-12. I am also currently teaching Art at St. Agnes in Butler (K4-8), and have taught Computer Graphics at Stritch for both traditional students as well as for adults.

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