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Staff Member: Mrs. Markovich

Staff Member: Mrs. Markovich

Mrs. Markovich

Grade 4
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I've always seen teaching as so much more than a job. I guess I see it more as a mission, a vocation, and most definitely a passion. What I do as a teacher has the potential to shape the future of a child. I know that every student and his/her parents are counting on me to do my very best. During the years I've been at St. Gabriel School, I've been extremely fortunate to teach fourth grade. I absolutely love teaching fourth graders! They have such a positive attitude about school, are excited about learning new things, are starting to develop a greater sense of responsibility, and...they actually enjoy most of my humor! I believe that creating a positive relationship with each and every child is the key to successful teaching and learning. The challenge of fostering this special relationship has always been one of my favorite parts of teaching.

Teaching here gives me the opportunity to share my Catholic faith as both a teacher and a role model. Faith is the foundation for all that we do in the classroom. I am often humbled by the kindness and selfless acts that come from my little fourth graders. I see God every day in my students. Sometimes I think I am the one learning about faith from them.

My own two children are former graduates of St. Gabriel School. As a teacher, I try to treat all of my students as I would want my own children to be treated...with fairness and kindness.

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