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Staff Member: Mrs. Metiva

Staff Member: Mrs. Metiva

Mrs. Metiva

Grade 2
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“A teacher affects eternity; one can never really tell where their influence stops”. I read this quote in a book recently and I found it to be so true. Teaching has to be a passion that one truly enjoys because it will reflect upon our children in the classroom. I love teaching and I try to reflect my positive attitude in the classroom every day. I believe that God has given us special gifts that we need to recognize and to use on a daily basis.

As a teacher, I believe that everyone is a lifelong learner. I am learning from the children just as they are learning from me. Some of my goals for second grade are to become closer to God, to question and to think on a higher level, to cooperate and respect one another, and to develop a super attitude about school. I know that I have accomplished these goals when I see the children receiving their First Communion, reading fluently from a book, and getting excited about doing a partner activity with a friend.

All of the staff at St. Gabriel’s shares similar goals. We believe that school is “all about the kids”. We work together as a team to provide the best possible environment for children. I have found St. Gabriel’s to be a warm wonderful Christian place that allows me to do the best job that I can as a teacher. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to teach here and to influence children in a positive way.

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