New Family Mentoring Program

eokp4ret09jv41tv88ojy9k4lyl.jpgRemember what it felt like to be new?

You may have had questions, been unsure of requirements and just needed a friend to feel welcome.

Welcoming new families is a priority to us.  We know that coming to a new school can sometimes be overwhelming, especially to children.  To make the experience easier, we have created Mentors for new families.

We are looking for families who want to share their knowledge and make new parents and their children feel welcome.  Mentor families are asked to call new families on a regular basis to touch base, answer questions and attend a Welcome Back Ice Cream Social at the end of summer.  You just might make new lifelong friends and, of course, you will share the wonderful warmth of the St. Gabriel family.

We assign families with consideration to grade/ages, etc. to make a valuable experience for everyone.  We want to ensure our new families and students feel part of the St. Gabriel community immediately, and we are asking YOU to be part of the Mentor program to do just that.

If you are a new family with questions or a returning family wanting to help others, please call the School Office for information (262) 628-1711.