Welcome to St. Gabriel School!  Many of you are currently faced with the difficult decision of choosing where you will send your child to get the quality education they need and deserve.  I invite you to consider St. Gabriel School when making this important decision.  St. Gabriel School offers a child-centered educational program within a Catholic community devoted to promoting Christian values.  We are devoted to educating children intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally.  We have a dedicated and experienced staff, strong parental involvement, and respectful students who love learning and growing in their faith.

We are proud to offer a well-rounded, whole-child educational program that includes the core academic subjects, specialist subjects, Religion instruction, extracurricular activities, and an After School Learning Program.  Students are taught standards-based curriculum in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, Spanish, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  In addition, all students receive instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology.  For extracurricular activities, we offer an athletic program, forensics, scouts, Nature Club, Lego Club, and more.

The curriculum at St. Gabriel School is rooted in the gospel message.  Catholic values are taught across all curricular areas.  Religion is taught each day to ensure that students acquire knowledge in their Catholic faith, direction in their Catholic identity, and practice in their prayer relationship with God.

St. Gabriel is a school of choice for parents who wish to see their children develop in an atmosphere that:

  • Centers around Jesus and the Good News of Scripture
  • Values the individual within the group process
  • Builds on the home, family, and parish
  • Develops an attitude of prayer and encourages various types of prayer experiences
  • Reflects the life of Jesus through service to local and world communities
  • Provides a positive, safe place where children can flourish.

These ideals and values are reflected in the daily activities for our children. Love and respect for God and each other is woven into these daily activities creating a rich faith environment. Beginning and ending each day with a prayer, a positive thought, and respect for the privileges they have, conditions the students for upcoming challenges. Weekly mass with participation in the liturgy helps to integrate God in their everyday lives.

St. Gabriel School has much to offer!  We encourage you to visit us often, explore the school, and see first-hand the wonderful things that go on here!

In Christ,

Bridget Bartholomew

Email: [email protected]