Dress Code

At St Gabriel Catholic School, we dress with neatness and modesty. Since apparel changes over time and from culture to culture, the dress code is reviewed annually by the School Committee which consists of teachers, parents, and administration. We believe that school is a formal learning setting. We believe that attire DOES both influence and reflect school behavior and learning. We expect students of St Gabriel Catholic School should be dressed in proper attire. 

Dress Code Policy - Mass Day (Wednesday)
St Gabriel Catholic School views the education and formation of its’ students as its most important task.  All aspects of school life must support this task.  Therefore, St Gabriel School has implemented the following Mass Day Dress Code for Grades K5 thru 8.  Our goal is for all students to be recognized as members of our Catholic community who actively demonstrate the values inherent in our school mission. Children  are not allowed to change into other clothes later in the day.  The purpose of this policy is to dress appropriately for Church and to reflect the values of a Catholic education.

SPIRIT WEAR shopping made easy
All Mass Day Spirit Wear including the REQUIRED UNIFORM slacks, skirts, skorts, and capris, can be ordered directly from Lands’ End either by phone, fax, mail or the web ( to make ordering more convenient for all staff and school families.  You are now able to order whenever needed, at anytime and all items will be shipped directly to your home. Simply enter our Preferred School Program Code: 9001-2909-9 and place your order. Online or In-store at:          


POLO SHIRTS - Red or White collared shirt w/St Gabriel insignia (short or long sleeve)

SWEATERS  - Red crewneck sweater w/St Gabriel insignia.  Note: Students are allowed to wear the St Gabriel short or long sleeve polo (with our logo only) underneath the crewneck sweater.


  • Black, Navy or Khaki Uniform Pants 
  • Black, Navy or Khaki Uniform Capri Pants
  • Black, Navy or Khaki Uniform Skirts (length to be no shorter than 4” above the knee)
  • Black, Navy or Khaki Uniform Skorts

Appropriate dress shoes must be worn during mass. The students may change shoes after Mass. Dress shoes are defined as dark blue, brown or black NON athletic shoes. Shirts must be tucked in during mass. Belts are recommended and must be plain brown, black or navy.

Dress Code Policy - Non-Mass Days

  • Clothing should be  modest, neat, clean, and in good repair and of appropriate size and length.  No clothing may show undergarments, lower back, midriff, etc.
  • Shorts may be worn by students from May 1st through October 1st except on Mass Days. Shorts must be no more than four (4) inches above the knee and they must be NICE shorts, ie: no cut-offs, sweats,  etc.
      **Students are not allowed to change after Mass.
  • Torn or cut-off pants, spaghetti straps, tank tops, muscle shirts, spandex/biking shorts, form fitting leggings (unless worn under skirt/shorts/pants of acceptable length) are not appropriate classroom clothing.
  • Shirts and sweatshirts with inappropriate logos, pictures or writing are not acceptable attire.
  • Mustache, beards, goatees are unacceptable.  Boys hair should be clean and worn in an appropriate hairstyle.
  • Excessive make-up is not to be worn. Girls hair should be clean and worn in an appropriate hair style.
  • Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings may not present a safety hazard or be inappropriate. Earrings are acceptable for girls only.
  • No body piercing, tattoos, or body drawings are allowed.
  • Shoes should be safe and practical for playground wear. Tennis shoes are best. An extra pair of non-marking gym shoes are required for Gym class (these shoes need to be able to be tightened.)
  • For Physical Education Classes, all students in Grades 5th through 8th are REQUIRED to change into appropriate gym clothes.  All jewelry must be removed before class as well
  • Clean, non-baggy blue jeans may be worn. (Frayed bottoms, cut, or torn jeans are not permitted.)
  • Hats may not be worn inside the school.
  • K4 through Grade 5 may wear elastic waist pants.  Middle school students in Grades 6, 7 & 8 th are not  allowed to wear bottoms with elastic waist. (ie elastic waist pants defined as track pants, soccer pants,  soccer shorts, etc).
  • No logos on the backside of pants.
  • Since children will be required to go outdoors for recess, warm jackets, gloves, hats, and adequate foot covering are required when appropriate.  It is also a good idea to have an extra pair of socks, pants, etc. packed in your child(ren)’s school bag in case their clothes get wet.
  • If the principal deems student hairstyle, jewelry, make-up, or clothing is unsuitable for school, the principal will:
          Give the student a warning
          Phone the parent/guardian
          Issue a detention
  • If the problem persists, the child may not be allowed to attend class until he/she is dressed appropriately and parents will be asked to bring proper clothing to school.