Staff Member: Mrs. Lesczynski

Staff Member: Mrs. Lesczynski

Mrs. Lesczynski

Grade 3
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Teaching…there was never any other career that I wanted to pursue in my life. Ever since graduating from UW-Whitewater in 1974, I have taught at Catholic schools. Many of my friends who teach in the public sector have asked me, “Why a Catholic school?” In a word - commitment. From the teachers, to the parents, to the children, I have always seen such a strong commitment within Catholic schools -- especially here at St. Gabriel’s. The strong support for our school is truly heartwarming.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching 3rd grade. It is a year of a lot of big changes for them. It is always fun to see how much 3rd graders mature throughout the year. They become so much more responsible and self-confident. I feel very blessed to teach in such a warm, caring environment and to be a part of our St. Gabriel children’s lives.

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