School Safety

School Safety

Keeping St. Gabriel Students Safe

St. Gabriel School is proud to announce that we have received a $10,000 grant from the Department of Justice DOJ to enhance the safety of our school. In receiving this grant, we are mandated to form a School Safety Intervention Team (SSIT). This team consists of teachers, Mr. Hamilton, and deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. The team is required to have a school safety policy to ensure that our students are safe and our building is secure at all times.

After recent meetings and ALICE (nationally recognized training program for response to active attacker situations.) training with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, we are reviewing the safety and security of our school. We have to acknowledge the fact that times have changed, and what was once acceptable for school security is no longer the case. We do not want to create a fortress, but we do need to provide a secure and safe environment, as well as an attractive place to learn.  In addition, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee requires any adult who comes into the building, and has contact with students, to complete the Safeguarding God’s Children training. At this time, not all parents have completed this training.  Because of the mandates by the Department of Justice and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, it was generally agreed that we review all access to the building, as the current freedom of movement presents serious safeguarding issues.

St. Gabriel School continues to look for ways to ensure the security and welfare of our students and staff. As part of this practice, we will be implementing a modified drop-off and pick-up procedure under the advisement of the Sheriff’s Department.

Beginning Monday, October 15, 2018 the following modified procedures will now be in place:

Morning Drop-off

  • All cars need to enter the parking lot from Hubertus Road only.
  • If you need to get out of your car to drop off your child, please pull to the right side by the grass. All other cars should stop alongside the cones, only stopping to allow their child to safely exit the vehicle. After your child exits your vehicle, please proceed along the driveway and exit on Scenic Road.
  • Please do not walk with your child into the school between 7:45am and 8:20am.
  • If you need to go to the office for business, please wait to enter the school until after 8:20am.
  • ALL hallways should be clear of all non-students and non-teachers during these times.

If you feel your child is having difficulty transitioning to school in the morning, we are happy and more than willing to assist! Please notify your child’s teacher and s/he will assist you in planning an easy drop-off for you and your child. We are ready to help!

Afternoon Pick-up

  • All cars need to enter from Scenic Road. Please do not enter from Hubertus Road as buses will be utilizing this drive.
  • All cars need to remain on the curved driveway until 3:05pm or until the playground is clear of students.
  • Proceed toward the basketball hoops on the south side of the playground, curving toward the cones.
  • Students will be sent to cones as your vehicle pulls up to the cone. Adults should stay in their cars while students are getting in their vehicles. If you need to get out of your car to help buckle your child, please drive to a parking space by the gym to safely attend to your child.
  • Once your child is safely in your vehicle, proceed toward Hubertus Road along the parked cars near the gym.
  • Parents/guardians may only exit their vehicles to pick up their child after 3:30pm.
  • ALL hallways and the red brick wall outside the gym should be clear of all non-students and non-teachers during these times

A Secure Building

All exterior doors at St. Gabriel School are locked when students are in attendance. For any visitor to gain access to the building, the buzzer located at the west entrance of the school should be used. Office staff will allow access to visitors through this door. At this time, all unknown visitors will be greeted at the door and asked to provide a photo I.D. Office staff will determine if entry to the school will be granted.

 After entry to the school has been granted:

  • Once you are inside the building, please proceed to the office to sign the guest log.
    No adult may walk through the gym or past the office into classroom hallways.
  • Visitors will be required to wear a visitor badge provided by the office during their visit.
  • If you are dropping off materials your child needs during the school day, you need to drop them off at the office and the student will be called to the office to pick up the items. Parents may not walk items to their child’s classroom.
  • Requests to visit classrooms will be approved by the principal, but it is not encouraged due to the interruption of the learning environment. 

Being Prepared

St. Gabriel School has safety and crisis plans in place in case of an emergency. In addition, students and staff participate in routine drills throughout the school year. We are also fortunate to have the great support of our local emergency responders.

Ensuring the Safety of our Students is a Group Effort

Through the course of the school year we want each of our students and families to be aware of our school surroundings. If you ever see suspicious activity around our school, please report it immediately.

If you have any questions about school safety, please do not hesitate to contact us at 262-628-1711.


The School Safety Intervention Team (SSIT)