SRO Responsibilities

The St. Gabriel community is a cooperative function in which every family has a vital role to play. As members of the St. Gabriel family, we work together to ensure the success of the school itself. Becoming involved with the school, school organizations and working on various committees during the year will help contribute to the quality of our school.

Each St. Gabriel family is obligated to complete a minimum of 50 hours (75 hours for families with two or more children) of service per school year beginning June 1st and ending May 31st. Parents are responsible for keeping track of their own hours. Hours will be tabulated each semester. At least half of the SRO hours must be spent on our major fund raiser, the Dinner Auction in March (one hour equals one SRO hour). The remaining hours must be directly related to school. All required SRO hours are met if you chair a fundraising event.