K4 Supply List

K4 Supply List

DO NOT label supplies unless indicated

  • A supply box will be provided for your child to keep their supplies in during the school year. 

1 - Box of crayons (16 or 24 count)

1 - CRAYOLA Watercolor Paints (8-10 color count) - labeled on the back

1 - 2-Pocket Folder (labeled with name on the outside)

1- Bottle of Elmer's School Glue

2 - Glue Sticks (small size)

1 - Markers, CRAYOLA, Classic, Broad, Washable (8-10 count)

2 - Pencils

2 - Rolls of Paper Towels

1 - Large Box of Kleenex

1 - Package of Napkins (200 count if possible)

1 - Backpack (large enough to fit your daily folder easily)

1 - Container of Wet Wipes Hand Wipes

1 - Bottle Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner Spray

1 - Container  Cleaning Wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)

1 - Complete change of clothes (including socks, underwear, shirt and pants) placed in a labeled zip  

      lock bag to be left at school.

1  of the following items (choose only 1):  small white paper plates, large white paper plates, ziploc

     bags either gallon, quart, sandwich or snack size.