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Week of Sept. 18

Sep 21, 2017

At St. Gabriel Catholic Parish School we teach and model caring for others while combining this  with purpose – purpose in what God’s plan is for us and learning that, perhaps, what happens to “me” is not really about me. Whatever we do can, more often than not, affect others in an action/reaction relationship. We teach our children that the choices they make not only affect them, but it also affects others around them. We like to focus on the positive influences one can make. It comes down to impacting those around us in a caring way, acting as a springboard, or a catalyst for someone else. It’s about aiding, nudging, convincing, impacting, or forming someone else so they can make a difference. It is similar to the Domino effect or Newton’s Cradle – that action/reaction effect which can be the result of direct or indirect forces.

So be sure to thank those who made a difference in your life and impacted you in a positive way; for guiding you or nudging you to where you are today – your parents, a teacher, a family member or friend. And be sure to thank your child’s teacher - for I witness first-hand, the positive difference they are making in the lives of the students. What’s our purpose in life? It may just be to help someone else achieve theirs.

 God’s blessings,

Steve Hamilton


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