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Week of Oct. 9

Oct 9, 2017


Letter from Mr. Hamilton

    Catholic schools hold students to higher standards. Catholic schools challenge students to not only strive for excellence academically, but also to strive for a closer relationship with God by learning and living that fourth “R” – Religion. St. Gabriel School is no different in this regard. We teach to the whole child, from their intellectual to their physical and everything in between, with Faith as the firm foundation for all the other learning and growing in their lives. The expectation of growing with God permeates throughout all subjects and all classes at St. Gabriel. Without that strong foundation, individuals may lose hope, make bad choices, fold under pressure, or completely crumble under the weight of their trials and hardships on their journey through life. In these tough times, when all seems lost and unbearable, the phrase, “it could always be worse,” just doesn’t cut through the pain sometimes. Healing from the heart to the soul can take years. In addition to this reality, potential challenging lessons to teach children are to trust in God even though you cannot see Him, and believe in what Jesus tells you even though you may not know Him. I have found that when an individual experiences something first hand, the learning becomes real. Faith in God needs to be a real experience for everyone. Not an easy task, but a necessary task nonetheless. Perhaps a good piece of advice is to have those who have had those real experiences help reassure those who did not; that “time will heal,” and that “there is a reason for everything.”

In Christ and education,

Steve Hamilton


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