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Week of Oct. 2

Oct 2, 2017

St. Gabriel's Academics - Bright Spots to Celebrate

Last Spring, the Iowa Assessment was administered to all 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade students at St. Gabriel's Catholic School.  The Iowa Assessment assesses vocabulary, reading comprehension, conventions, usage and expression, estimation, problem solving, data interpretation, computation, maps and diagrams, and reference materials across various subject areas, such as:  English (Reading/Language), Social Studies, Math, and Science. Teachers use the data to learn supplementary information useful in setting goals, lesson planning, and meeting the needs of all students.

Overall, St. Gabriel's students - at all tested grade levels - performed significantly higher than their national peers and exceeded the Milwaukee Archdiocese aggregate.  

Highlights include:

  • 3rd grade students scored in the 84th percentile in Reading
  • 5th grade students scored in the 77th percentile in Social Studies
  • 7th grade students scored in the 80th percentile in Science

Math continues to be strong as well.  At all three grade levels tested, the average St. Gabriel student scored better than 70 other students out of 100 who also took the test.

Based on various readiness indicators and predictors of post-secondary success, St. Gabriel Catholic School is proud of their student results - including monitoring the success of students who are now in high school.  Reports from students and area high schools confirm that former St. Gabriel students are successful in Advanced Placement coursework, have a strength in the areas of writing and English on the statewide assessments, and have high participation levels in sports, clubs, and activities, which is an important part of their social development.

Thank you for your continued support!

Steve Hamilton



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