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Week of Nov. 6

Nov 9, 2017

Letter from Mr. Hamilton

   At one time or another you may have asked your child the question, “What did you learn in school today?”...or “What are you doing in school this week?” If you ever get the answer, “I don’t know.”…or if they say, “Nothing.” do not abandon the question – just rephrase it. Ask them to recite the prayer they say with their class in the morning. Find out what they played at recess and who they played with. See if they can tell you what they are working on with their big/little buddy. Ask about Thanksgiving projects. What book did they check out from the library, or what is their favorite book in the library? What was the best part of the day, and did anyone get their feelings hurt today? Ask if they helped someone, or if someone helped them. Often times their brains need to power-down from the busy day, and it may need a little spark to recall the events at school. Don’t forget, you can always check their folders, backpacks, and various communications from their teacher to get that conversation started as well. The great thing about having this important interaction with your child is not merely finding out how and what they are doing at school - it shows them that you care about their happiness and that you love them. With Thanksgiving drawing near, I would like to thank you, personally, for supporting the school staff in this joint effort. I am thankful for the strong family unit, and the kindhearted loving children you have formed. I am thankful for all the new families for entrusting their children to our care. I am thankful for those two four-letter words – care and love. I pray that that same care and love from our great God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit grows in your heart this season and always.

Blessings to you and your family,

Steve Hamilton



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