Week of May 6

Letter from Mr. Hamilton

   This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Our great teachers work hard to show our students they care every day: From teaching them to tie their shoes, to shooing them along so they are not late for class. By being a positive role model, and offering positive reinforcement when the child does the right thing. By correcting with gentle words, and holding the child accountable for their behaviors and choices. Teachers, you are appreciated! I have seen teachers laugh with their students, and cry when their students are hurting. I have seen hugs from students in gratitude for a teachers’ love for them. I have seen high fives, heavy sighs, smiling eyes, and numerous moments of joyful surprise. Teachers, you are appreciated!! From extra hours spent working with those students who need more, to staying late preparing for the next day’s challenges and rewards. From wiping noses and holding a child’s hand, to fighting back the desire to give the answer - knowing that it is ok to let a child fail in order to learn. Whether it is a reward or a punishment, our teachers provide it because they love and care for every child. Going the extra mile and saying the little things that make a difference develop character, self-esteem, self-worth, morals, respect, and values. These faith-based elements are what the teachers pass on to guide each child on the path toward happiness and success. Don’t forget, in addition to all this, our teachers also teach the subject matter contained in the rigorous and relevant curriculum. Teachers, you are truly appreciated, and I am proud to be a part of this community. Please know that your child is in good hands at St. Gabriel Catholic School – The Hands of Christ.

God bless you,

Steve Hamilton