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Week of March 4

Mar 4, 2019

     More often than not, it is how we finish something that really matters. This can be applied to simple daily tasks that we take on, but can also be applied to the bigger picture - like how we live our lives. Learning from past experiences and becoming a better person is what really counts in the end. How we finish a day, a week, or a year can be the difference in how tomorrow turns out. “Finish strong,” is what I would tell my basketball players when I was coaching. “Don’t look back after a game and say to yourself, I wish I would have tried harder; or I wish I would have done something different.” This advice carries over in how I lead as a principal and what I try to model as a person.

     We have come a long way, accomplishing a great deal in the three years I have been your principal. We started with a year long self study, finishing with a near perfect Accreditation review. Enrollment has gone up over the past three years and I anticipate it going up again in the 2019-20 school year. And most notably, we built an Education Center in nine months and moved in in less than a week - midyear! Even though we accomplished many things, our work is never done. We still have irons in the fire, but as you know, with God all things are possible. We will finish strong!

     I think back to what a seventh grader once asked me as we were walking down the hall at the end of the day. He asked, “If you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be?” I told him I wouldn’t change anything – no regrets. As I connect the dots backwards in my life, looking at the path God has put me on, I come to the realization that where I am today is because of the choices and experiences He placed before me along the way. These experiences, tasks, and challenges were at times as simple as finishing a conversation or a letter, and at other times, as complex as finishing a project or an initiative. What do I take from all this? I take the realization that we must move forward, improving our skill set and gaining knowledge every day. I take satisfaction in knowing that where we’re at is because of decisions we made yesterday. I take comfort in knowing that Jesus was with me the entire way and will continue to be with me. I take these experiences and embrace them, because that’s what faith is - that’s trusting in God. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I will always look back and smile because the journey has already been worthwhile.

In Christ,

Steve Hamilton


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