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Week of Jan. 8

Jan 8, 2018

Letter from the Principal

    When I think of Mary and Joseph and their journey to Bethlehem, and the shepherds and magi as they set out on their journey of faith to see Jesus, I can only imagine the excitement and anticipation they must have been feeling. They may have even asked themselves, “I wonder what He will look like?” We too, who also share the journey to see our Savior, may ask this same question, but when we talk about longing to see Him it could be “seeing Him” in the faces and actions of the people we come in contact with each day. It could even be the longing to see Him on that day in paradise.

    The journey of faith is not about being where you think you will feel best, but about leaving your comfort zone, and going to where Jesus wants you to be. This is why we truly do need to work together and continue to believe in what we are called to be and what we are called to do – to reach that goal of seeing Jesus, face to face.

Happy New Year and God bless you on your journey,

Steve Hamilton



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