Week of February 4

Letter from Mr. Hamilton


        When I think about all the different kinds of weather we have been having, it makes me recall some words of wisdom a friend shared with me many years ago. When I was going through some stressful times in my life, she reminded me that, “It’s not what WE want...it’s what GOD wants, when he wants it.” Often times we cannot control what’s going on in our lives - we just need to trust in God that He will see us through. We need to be patient, and good things will come. Our new school is certainly proof of this. It’s been a journey to get here, but well worth taking. And even though we have had a few school days on and a few days off so far, the staff and students are settling in nicely. We’re all learning new procedures and making this new place our home. It’s not the building that makes it feel like home, it’s the people in it. I am blessed to be surrounded by a supporting staff, caring parents, and kind hearted students. Thank you, God, for the journeys in our lives - as hard or as easy as they may be. Continue to guide us, Lord, and give us patience and peace of mind, knowing good things come to those who wait.


God bless all of you for making this journey with us, and for making this new Education Center a reality!

Steve Hamilton