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Week of Dec. 4

Dec 11, 2017

Letter from Mr. Hamilton

Today I asked the five year old kindergarten class the question, “What does peace mean to you?”    Here is what they said.

You can help somebody
Being quiet
Praying every day
Giving thanks
Being friends - not being mean
You always share
Be nice
Be kind
When someone is hurt you help them and pray for them
At church when we shake hands

Their answers make it seem so easy to find peace, to make peace, and to be at peace. This time of year, during the Christmas season, we see and hear the word peace quite a bit, but how often do we see and hear the word peace all of the other days of the year? We should all live each day in the way the kindergarten class defined peace. It seems (at least to our five year olds) that it is not as important to see or hear the word peace, as it is to BE the word peace. We can learn a great deal from a five year old. I couldn’t have defined it better.

Peace be with you,

Steve Hamilton


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