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Week of April 15

Apr 15, 2019

Letter from Mr. Hamilton

       I cannot say thank you enough to all those who volunteer their time and talent at St. Gabriel Parish School. I also express a heartfelt thank you to all who donate items and monetary gifts to support Catholic education. We have a great school because of great people. When so many people selflessly invest in a child’s education at St. Gabriel School, we are able to offer more programs than ever before. There are other schools that eliminate opportunities that we presently have, or they simply never had them to begin with. I am talking about the Arts, Athletics and STEM. Many schools are dropping classes, clubs and organizations due to lack of funds. We don’t. In fact, we strive to improve what we currently offer and give students the opportunity to shine, not only in their academics, but also in the extracurricular activities of their choice. Thank you for supporting these opportunities – for supporting our Arts, Athletics and STEM which go above and beyond a Catholic education. New initiatives for next year include forming a Lego Robotics Team, Chess Club and Children's Choir. If you, or someone you know, can help with one of these, or if you have questions regarding these extracurriculars, please contact the school office.

 In great appreciation and wishes for a Blessed Easter,

 Steve Hamilton

 Jesus said, “Whatever you do for one of my least brothers, you do it for me.” Matthew 25: 31-46


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